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10 Beauty Tips from our Favorite Celebrities

We see all those stars with the perfect skins and always wonder how they achieve it. They have he most stunning makeup, and their no makeup selfies also steal our hearts. As a matter of fact, if we focus a bit we see those celebrities dropping hints and beauty tips all along their careers. So here are our favorite beauty tips from some of our favorite celebrities:

Celebrity Beauty Tips

1) Beyoncé
Queen Bee believes smile is the answer to most problems. She says a woman is most beautiful when she smiles. The pop queen also recommends the use of moisturizer for a softer skin. So smile more often and moisturize.

2) Gwyneth Paltrow
The Iron Man’s girlfriend has her own secret to her beauty. Her favorite thing to use is omega-3 oil on her skin and she says it’s gives her the best feeling in the world. Definitely trying this one out.

3) Rachel Bilson
Rachel Bilson always shows up with some of the best make up looks and she revealed her trick to bronze it all up at the end. She says to gain the natural glow, she always dusts her cheeks and eyelids with bronzer.

4) Ellen Pompeo
The beauty tips she blessed us with is a keeper for smokey eyes lovers. She tells us moisturizing the eyelids first can help smudging the dark shades better.

5) Scarlett Johansson
Our very own Natalie, or Nat, is a shimmer lover. Her makeup tip is to apply the matte base and top it with a shimmer.

6) Kate Winslet
The ever young and beautiful, Kate tells us to invest more in eye creams. She says dark puffy circles find you in some of the worst times. If you get dark circles during stressful days, use eye cream to prevent and treat them.

Celeb beauty secrets

7) Sarah Jessica Parker
The fashion star has a tip to always smell nice and pretty. According to her, spraying her clothes with perfumes before hanging them in wardrobes helps her liking her beautiful collection better.

8) Halle Berry
Her always natural pink lips aren’t as natural as we believed. She gives herself that look by applying the red lipstick and then wiping it off. She tops it with a thick layer of gloss and it all seems very natural. God bless Halle, now we know the perfect way to give our lips the natural tint.

9) Mary J. Blige
Remember the days when we are too tired to even wash our make up off. Well, Mary J Blige doesn’t like that, she tells us to wash our face twice a day even when we are too tired to get up. Our face needs to get rid of all the toxins and the synthesized make up that can cause acne.

10) Isla Fisher
With all the people around us with long, curled eyelashes, we do feel insecure most of the time. The Confession of a Shopaholic star has given us the best beauty tip to get rid of the insecurity. She says heating the eyelash curler with a blow dryer before using it can give u the perfect effect.

Moreover, our experience has taught us drinking water has a million benefits on our skin and our body. Also, try getting a proper facial every month and use a thick layer of lip balm and moisturizer on your face each night before sleeping.

This is all for now! Stay tuned to find more beauty tips and tricks to get the celebrity like perfect looks. What do you think about these tips and will you be using them in your daily life now?


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