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10 Greatest Moments of Celebrity Wearing Translucent Boots

What we love most are shoes and bags! And we also love to find out the latest treads in that department and our fashion experts tell us translucent shoes are the new scene in town. Everywhere we see we find our favorite celebrities wearing translucent boots and they look absolutely perfect.

Here’s a list of 10 greatest moments when our favorite celebrities wore the naked shoes:

10 Greatest Moments of Celebrity Wearing Translucent Boots

1) Kim Kardashian

The social media star was probably the first one to come out in those and people called the shoes weird and ugly. Now that the trend is out there, people keep going back to look at it. Kim was out wearing a denim jacket with the long translucent heels.

Kim K Style 2017

2) Kylie Jenner

 Kylie had to fill in the shoes of her sister Kim by following her steps! She was also seen wearing the naked shoes by Lucite Yeezy and she paired them with Balmain dress during the New York fashion Week. The star looked stunning in the dull pink colored dress with her blonde hair!

3) Rite Ora

The Fifty Shades Darker star was seen wearing the translucent heels on a red carpet of an event by Capital FM. She wore a yellow dress with red lipstick.

4) Chrissy Teigen

Seems like Kardashian inspired her best friend for the following look. Chrissy was seen on a date night out with her very adorable husband, John Legend. She stepped out in the naked sandals by Yeezy with her Black attire. She looked so comfortable with her style as she smiled for the paparazzi.

5) Tinashe

The singer took the trend to the next level when she wore it at the American Music Awards in 2016. Her black dress showed quite a lot of her leg which made the see through shoes look even better.

6) Kylie Jenner

Kylie seemed to like wearing it the last time as she wore them again at the American Music Awards in a black leather gown with Tamara Mellon Frontline sandals.

7) Gigi Hadid

The queen of fashion has her own links to the Jenner Kardashian family. We got the proof when she was seen out and about in New York City wearing an all black attire with naked ankle boots.

8) Kourtney Kardashian

Its easy to support your sister’s husband at his fashion show but its even easier to wear his creation to it. Kourtney supported Kanye West by wearing the Yeezy Naked Sandals to his season 3 show and looked bomber with her mesh worked white dress.

9) Kendall Jenner

She couldn’t be left behind the race of her sisters wearing translucent shoes. Kendall enjoyed her game, sitting front seat at the courtside and looked completely confident in her Ego boots. She pair it with fishnet stockings.

10) Gabrielle Union

The star hit the annual Golden Globes party of Instyle’s in a black and white plunging dress. She complimented her look by wearing the leather naked sandals.

The conclusion is you get the fashion sense if you are part of the Kardashian or Jenner Squad. We believe this new trend is dope as it also helps us to show our very expensive pedicures. This naked boots trend is out there and we are very ready to follow it.

Let us know what you think about these looks and the new trend of see through boots! Are you wearing them to the next party? Because we are. 

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