10 Interesting Facts About Your Hair

We are usually quite obsessed with our hair but do we know much about them? The stuff that crowns your head that you care for assiduously by shampooing, conditioning and brushing, has some really amazing and incredible properties that we never know. So next time when you have bad hair day, just think about the following amazing properties and interesting facts about your air and appreciate them a little more.

10 Interesting Facts About Your Hair

  1. It grows a lot quicker than you think

If you think that your hair grows slowly then be patient because they are growing faster than you think that is actually 0.33mm a day. If we calculate the actual time than your hair grows about 6 inches in a year if you don’t touch the scissors. Excess use of chemical products and heated tools can slows this down.

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  1. You lose about 100 hairs every day

It’s natural for your hair to come out when you brush them so don’t worry about seeing your hair in the brush. We lose 50 to 100 hair everyday so you shouldn’t panic because when they fall, another hair grows to take its place quickly.

  1. Straight hair is curly

Perfectly straight hair also has twists in fact every hair strand has twists in them. As they grow, they develop twists and the only difference between curly and straight hair is, curly hair develops more twists that causes them to contract.

  1. Your hair could support two elephants

Despite all the warnings about hair breakage and damage, your hair are actually stronger enough to support two elephants and one single hair strand can hold 100gms of weight. But it’s your scalp that cannot support the weight but your hair can.

  1. A single hair can last a very long time

If you treat your hair right, they will last long. As simple as that. Normal life span of one hair strand is 4 to 7 years.

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