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10 Life-Changing Makeup Hacks for Every Girl

Having good make-up sense is surely a blessing and knowing what looks best on your face and features is great. But being too conscious about make-up, sometimes keeps you from so many amazing make-up ideas to try. There are some amazing make-up looks that actually work for everyone and you will love them all, once you try them. Following are some incredibly beautiful make-up looks you should try at any occasion. Learn the tips and be beautiful, appear beautiful.

10 Life-Changing Makeup Hacks

  1. Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes make-up is a kind of make-up you should definitely learn how to create and should try at least for once. Because once you apply this on you, you will never stop doing this. It looks difficult but all you have to do is use a creamy pencil and smudge it with the help of your finger. While creating Smokey look don’t stick to grey or black shades for dramatic look but you can use any color of your choice or you can also use plenty of eye shadows all together to create some new color. After smudging it with your finger, use some shimmer at the corner of your eyes for more sparkly look.

smoky eyes trick
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  1. Gorgeous Red Lips

Different shades of red is one of the most essential part of your make-up kit to create incredibly gorgeous look. The perfect round red pout is one of those makeup look that’s doesn’t only leave your lips moist but will enhance your entire look, even if you are not wearing any other makeup. Make sure you are not using too glossy red because it will look too vibrant with nude-eye. Blue-based or little matte shades of red is the perfect choice for gorgeous and prominent look.

  1. Dewy Skin

Dewy skin can be achieved with powdered highlighter that will make your complexion glow. But the most important thing is to choose the right kind of shade, corresponding to your skin. You can go for gold, champagne or copper shade that suits best on your skin. The first and most important step towards dewy skin is to apply the shade on your cheekbones, than go for your eyelids, inner corners of the eyes and last but not the least apply some highlighter right on the bow of your lips to prominent them a little. Apply some light shade of lipstick on it and complete your dewy look.

dewy skin tips
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  1. Neutral Makeup

There are some special mornings and moment when you want to appear like you wake up like this and you aren’t wearing any makeup. And in that case neutral makeup is one of the most important and beneficial look that you must know how to adopt. A good BB cream or tinted moisturizer might be the best and affordable choice for the look and if you have some spots or blemishes on your skin and needs some extra coverage than you should go for liquid foundation to hit the spots like a pro. Apply little of mascara at the corner of your eye lashes, curl them up, and go for nude lips or slightly pink shade. Here you go with best neutral makeup look.

  1. Flushed Cheeks

Flushed cheeks is one of the easiest and youthful look you can ever pull off. The key to get that look is not just applying blush but you will be needing foundation and shimmer as well. Start with good foundation corresponding to your complexion, blend it accordingly than apply right shade of blush on your cheeks and highlight with slight touch of shimmer.

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