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10 of the Shortest Female Celebrities in Hollywood

When we see a celebrity on TV, they look all gorgeous and pretty and tall but it is very hard to tell what would be actual height of them. So you shouldn’t be surprised if I tell you that there are some celebs, who are not taller than 5.1”. Have a look at the top 10 celebrities, who aren’t that tall as they appear on the TV screen.

Shortest Female Celebrities

1. Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi:

Snooki is one of the most memorable TV character in reality television list. But do we know that she is the shortest celebrity in Hollywood? Yes, Nicole Polizzi, our beloved Snooki is just 4’8”. Well, I think she is not heavier than one bottle of a wine.

2. Ellen Page

Ellen Page has a strange reputation as she appeared in major news like coming out and going from an indie star to a lesbian sign. Page commands lots of attention and she is just 5’1”.

3. Lady Gaga

I always used to wonder that Lady Gaga’s height looks so perfect in stage but why she always wears those heels? But now, the mystery behind her freaking tall and iconic heels is revealed. The pop-star is not taller than 5’1”, so she had to wear those heels. Though she look like 10” at stage. Gaga never wears flats, so it’s not surprising if nobody ever noticed her height in real.

Singer Lady Gaga Hot Style
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4. Paula Abdul:

Paula Abdul has been a reality star and a pop star but this has-been star is was just only 5’ tall and she was the shortest judge of American Idol in history.

5. Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon is more like a female version of Tom Cruise. She worked in many films and you can’t acknowledge her real height even in her most memorable films. This is basically the bonus point for camera. Reese is only 5’1” tall. I’m amazed that why her height is never mentioned in Legally Blonde.

6. Kristen Bells:

Kristen Bells is a well-known Hollywood star with smallest height of 5’1″. Bells iconic role as Veronica Mars is also famous because of her height that helped her hide in small spaces that too undetected.

7. Ariana Grande:

This super celebrity is truly a star, as she is a star in her hit tween show Sam & Cat, a famous musician, and what not? Who believe she is just as little as 5’1″. Doesn’t matter about height but her amazing acting and great vocals made her the biggest star of times?

Ariana Grande Pics
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8. Carrie Fisher:

Carrie Fisher has performed in many iconic movies and her remarkable roles in history as Princess Leila. With such great roles, it is hard to believe that this incredible lady is just 5’1″.

9. Lil Kim

Lil Kim is one of the shortest celebs of Hollywood with the height of just 4’11″. The rap star always performed on the stage with huge heels along with her male fellows because what else she could do on the stage with this small height.

10. Hayden Panettiere

Isn’t is shocking that this prettiest and sex symbol beauty is as tiny as 5”? Hayden is always on the smaller side as she appear as indestructible cheerleader Claire on Heroes but still its hard to digest she is so tiny.

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