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15 Most Popular College Girls Hairstyles To Try

While you are in college, you probably think of getting best dressed, with perfect hairstyle and neutral makeup. But most of all in college life, its your hairstyle that matter the most. As most colleges have same dress code, however, you differentiate yourself from other college fellows by simply adopting a habit of trying new hairstyle everyday. Hairstyles beings up elegant and striking look in your personality. Probably this could be the reason that college students are more up-to-date. As they are the beginners so they like experimenting and moulds themselves according to new trends. Their this young, beautiful phase provide them with an opportunity to grow up as young beautiful women.

15 Most Popular College Girls Hairstyles

Here are 15 hairstyles for college girls that you can try every day and remain up-to-date according to current trends.

1.    Fringed Bob:

This new-trendy peculiar bob style has been picked from popular singer Taylor swift. The hairdo is a fresh apprise on the blunt bob stylish and fashionable. You can definitely try this in your college.

Taylor Swift Hairstyle
Photo Credit: Getty
  1. Sleek Blunt:

This kind of bob is known as blunt bob, but you need to curls your hair a little for this sort of bob.

sleek blunt hairstyle
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  1. Blonde Waves:

The Medium blonde is an easy wear and simple at maintenance. All you need to do is form layers at the top followed by the longer mane.

  1. Fringed Top:

This hairdo is perfect for college going girls. This hairstyle portrait a heavy fringe at forehead and then leaving quiet a much straight long hair.

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