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25 Celebrity Hairstyle Ideas For Long Hair

Ever wonder how we would look if we don’t have hair on our heads? God forbid I can’t even imagine. Hair are the most important part of a women personality. They can add elegance to her personality and make her look more beautiful and gorgeous but on the same side if you don’t do your hair properly you might look like a disaster. That’s how important hair are.

Most of the girls loved to have long hair because long hair adds beauty to the personality and they can help to enhance your look sometimes little more ethnic and sometimes sexy as hell. It’s all on you how you manage them. I know managing longer hair is a difficult task but here are tips about how you can make your hair look longer and sexy at the same time.

1. Make them look longer:

Hey beauties! If you are hair aren’t that look but you want them look longer for a special occasion, you can follow Kim Kardashian’s style by applying clip-in extensions exactly matching with your hair shade or little lighter to make them look like ombre treated hair. Second, if you aren’t willing to apply extensions than tie your hair into tight sleek and dead straight pony tail like Kourtney Kardashian.


kim k hairstyle

2. Loosen up the braid:

Forget everything you know about how to braid your hair and you will end up looking like Emily Ratajkowski. To have that relaxed look, braid your hair from the shoulder with three strands and leave as much strands as you can and tie the braid with black band or ribbon at the end to pull them together.


loosen up hairstyle

3. Blowout the bulk:

Priyanka Chopra’s hair are pretty much goals for the ladies who like thick hair looks. Here is the secret to have that hair at home. Apply some mouse in your hair from length and blow dry straight all of them from the bottom and here you go. Thank me later.


priyanka chopra hairstyle

4. Pin them up from front:

Remember how Emma Roberts look like a I don’t even try a vibe? Well this is the easiest way to handle your hair with using any expensive accessory because your simple plain bobby pins will help you do this. Divide your hair from centre and pin them up from both sides at the front and that’s it.


hairstyle ideas



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