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3 easy Makeup Tricks to get Bigger Eyes

Do you love makeup but find it hard to get on point makeup look? That’s worse, isn’t it? Well No. There are a lot of makeup gurus working in market that can resolve our issues regarding makeup. There are a lot of makeup hacks available but making small eyes look bigger is one of the most important makeup hack that should be known to every girl out there. Our eyes are the most important part of our face and when they don’t appear nice, it ruined whole look and appearance. So consider the following lifesaving beauty hacks for smaller eyes look bigger in no time. These easy makeup tricks are very vital to get bigger eyes.

3 Makeup Tricks to get Bigger Eyes

easy makeup tricks for bigger eyes
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Neutral base around the eye:

Create the base around your eyes by applying neutral eye-shades. Line the inside corners of your eyes and lower waterline with a highlighter pencil to make your eyes look bigger and brighter. Lining your lower waterline is the key point to make them look brighter.

Fill in your brows with black or dark brown shades:

Following the trend, I hope you are already doing this but it’s my duty to state that grooming your brows evenly plays an important role to make your eyes look naturally big. Highlighting your brows line with highlighter and filling the inside with dark brown or black pencil can literally do wonders.

Apply some white pencil:

Applying black eyeliner above the eyelid and inside of the eyes for dramatic look but they make your eyes appear smaller. Instead of this consider applying black eyeliner just above the eyelid and go for white eye pencil at the lower water line. This is one of the most important and popular hack that can make your eyes look quite bigger and brighter instantly.



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  • These tricks are great for someone who wants to get bigger eyes. I like reading your articles, there is always something new and funny, that I cannot find anywhere else.

  • Hey, thank you for your post!
    These tricks for bigger eyes are very helpful. I’ve tried using the white pencil in my waterline before, however, I have not tried highlighting my brows before. Thanks for the tip!
    Have you tried highlighting your inner corner with a shimmery shadow? I find this opens up your eyes, making them appear bigger and brighter.

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