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5 Beautiful Celebrity Style Twins that are Famous

The World is full of surprises and unique things. Two people looking exactly same is one of the most surprising and unique thing I have ever seen. And what if those identical twins are extremely beautiful celebrities, rich and famous? In star World of Hollywood there are a lot of celebrity twins that look exactly same and are so beautiful. Some of celebrity style twins are listed below:

Best Celebrity Style Twins

The Olsens:

Mary Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen are the most famous and richest twins of the World. They are not even in their thirties. Olsen sisters were 6 months old when they started their TV career by performing the role of Michelle in Full House. They continues to perform on the screen till they were in their teen years. After they quit from the TV industry they started their fashion line and today marked as the 11th richest twin sisters of the world.

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Source: huffingtonpost.com

Oliver and James Phelps:

Oliver and James Phelps are known for their iconic role in Harry Porter series as red-headed and charming Twin Weasley Brothers. In real life they are brown headed. But the only thing common between the real Phelps and Weasleys is, they are actually pranksters and use to switch roles in real life sets. These brothers are so much into charity work.

Winklevoss Twins:

People who have seen the movie name ‘Social Network’ can easily recognize them. Because Winklevoss brothers are the competitive rowers and the most intelligent minds behind the website that would inspire Mark Zuckerberg to create FACEBOOK. These website developers are blessed with amazing intelligence and great physical fitness that they have appeared in Olympics 2008, in men’s pair rowing.

The Harp Twins:

These two beautiful twin sisters are famous for covering popular hits on harp, in their videos on Youtube. They have covered hits including Led Zeppelin’s stair way to heaven and Fear of the dark of Iron Maiden. The best thing about Camille and Kennerly Kitt, The harp twins, is they aren’t just Youtube obsessed girls. But they are the highly honoured graduates from Wheaton College Conservatory of Music and holds a degree in Harp performance.

best celebrity twins
Credit: www.harptwins.com

Shawn and Aaron Ashmore:

Aaron and Shawn are one of those twin brothers about which people are not sure if they are two different people. Shawn was featuring in X-men series while Aaron was in warehouse 13 and Killjoys following his brother. These twin brother are identical twins and performed same roles so that people find it hard to differentiate in them.

Which celebrity twin inspires you the most. Olsen twins surely above others.

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