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5 Hairstyles for Women with Thick Hair

3. The Braided Hair Updo

The braided hair do is something easy to do with no mess creation and a great choice for weddings.

A fine comb
Hair elastics

How to Do:
Comb your hair neatly no making sure there are no knots along the hair length.

Make two partitions and tie hair into ponytails.

Braid the entire length and secure it with elastic rubber band.

At nape of neck, make the knot of complete braid, and you are done with a beautiful style.

Braided Hair Updo
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4. The Three Ply Twisted Ponytail

You might think this hair style as out-dated, but no !!! This style is totally beautiful, tender, and decorous. Following is a way to do this:

Hair brush
Hair elastics
Booby pins
Hair scrunch with a flower

How to Do:
Brush your hair gently and make two partition of your hair.

Divide the section into another three parts and twist them all.

Secure all the parts by tie up near to the pony tails.

At the end, decor it with the floral hair scrunch.

Three Ply Twisted Ponytail
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5.The Braided Chignon:

The Chignon is one of the most elegant and graceful of all hairdos. This hairdo is suitable for occasions like a wedding reception or a fancy, classy dinner!

Sectioning clips
Fine comb
Bobby pins
Small hair elastics

How to Do:
Comb your hair and make a central partition.

Make four section of each partition. Use all of these four sections, make one thin section and then two thick section at the end of the head.

Now pick the thick section and make a regular braid of it.

Secure the braid with the elastic bands.

Do the same for the other portion, loosen a bit for the chignon to give an airy look.

Keep rolling each braid, pin it at the back of head with help of bobby pins.

Do the same for the other thick braid.

Now focus on the thin sections of the hair, and braid them into regular fashion.

Secure the hair with aid of hair elastic bands.

At the end, you need to wrap the thin braids around the chignon and secure with U-pins.

You can firm the flyaway with bobby pins and loose the strands to give a bit funky look.

Braided Chignon Hairstyle
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