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5 Makeup Hacks for Girls with Oily Skin

Oily and acne prone skin is truly a frustration to a lot of girls because it didn’t only make your skin feel worse but it also appears to be so rough, blemished and painful. Sometimes it is better to take good care of the acne prone skin but sometimes it is better to go for a care-free attitude because stress and anxiety didn’t help to cure but it worsen the conditions. A lot of people thinks that acne comes from not washing your face or due to poor diet (both are just myths). The main reason of acne is stress that produces testosterone and abundance of unnecessary hormones. Another worst part about acne prone oily skin is they leave with hyper-pigmentation and dirty spots. And all you can do is to take good care of it and to improve your make up skills.

Following are the important makeups hacks, ideal for every lady fighting from oily and acne prone skin. Here’s how to deal with oily skin

How to deal with Oily Skin

how to deal with oily skin
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Wash and sanitize your makeup brushes regularly:

After every use clean the brushes with gentle soap or cleaning conditioner than let them air dry overnight. If you use something germ and bacteria free than that too would be great choice. To avoid this you can also use disposable foundation sponges or brushes.

Important steps to follow:

Start with washing your wash with good and gentle face wash or soap, apply any treatment, than go for moisturizing.

Use a primer that covers your pores:

Primers are the great start for makeups as they reduces the pore sizes, controls the oils and covers the spots. Apply primers on the affected area before applying any foundation or makeup.

Oil Control:

Before applying any makeup to oily skin, apply some translucent powder to control the access oil on the skin.

Neutrogena Products:

Neutrogena products are considered ideal for oily acne prone skin.

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