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5 ways to improve the condition of your Hair

You must have been taking good care of your skin from moisturizing to cleansing you must have been using all amazing skincare products but did you ever think about your hair? That your hair too needs same level of care and protection. You might be searching ways to improve the condition of your hair. How to improve your hair texture and how to increase hair growth fast are main questions to be answered.

Hair are the most important part of your body that needs to be protected because they are sensitive to get affected from harsh weather like direct sunlight, excessive humidity, too much use of styling equipment like hot irons and dryers, using too much of harsh chemicals like hair dyes, rough shampoos and conditioners etc. All these can leave your hair dry, frizzy, rough and weak with so much of split ends. Hair are delicate and they are also prone to aging our skin is, if you don’t pay attention towards them, be ready to say good bye to the beautiful locks of your hair and your gorgeous look, which is 95% dependent on your hair.

Following are the easiest ways and some beauty hacks and remedies that can help you get your hair moisture, shininess and luster back in no time. Why use harsh chemical products when you have amazing natural products in your kitchen that can do wonders?

5 ways to improve the condition of your Hair

improve the condition of your hair

1. Cleanse:

Cleansing is one of the most obvious and important factor that you should be doing while you decide to take care of your hair. Freshly Cleaned hair feels like nothing else. Cleaning your hair with good shampoo will leave your hair fluffy and soft because it swells the hair shaft. While you wash your hair make sure you are using a less chemical oriented shampoo and massage your scalp gently, and avoid rough massaging because this will cause your hair to break.

2. Condition:

Conditioning is the second most important step towards healthy hair. Conditioning moisturises your hair from root to tip but only if you are doing it right. At first find a good conditioner according to the texture of your hair and in accordance with your shampoo. If you hair are dry and frizzy than get yourself a conditioner that deals with hair like these, if your hair oily than go for oily hair treatment. After shampooing your hair, apply conditioner from roots to tip and leave for about 3 minutes than rinse with normal water. Conditioning your hair will leave the untangled, manageable, soft and shiny.

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