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6 Beauty Hacks for Dry Hair

No matter how conservative you are when it comes to your hair, sometimes all takes is slight change in weather or temperature to cause disastrous chaos to your hair locks that leaves them damaged and dry. Sometimes using too much or hot iron or curlers, hair dyes or chemicals can also cause severe damage to your hair. Following are the few beauty hacks for dry hair that will help you get your natural moisture back and will leave your hair soft smooth and supple.

6 Beauty Hacks for Dry Hair

Dry Hair remedies
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1. Honey and egg mask

Eggs are great for dry damaged hair, and they also reduces the excess oil on the scalp and leaves your hair shinny and smooth in few days. Honey is great in locking the natural moisture in hair and repairing the damaged split ends. Get 2 eggs whites or depending upon the length of your hair, mix 1 tbsp. of raw honey and mix until frothy. Apply this mixture on damp hair and leave for an hour than wash with lukewarm water. Do this twice a week for best results.

2. Don’t wash your hair daily

Hair locks produce natural oil to protect them from external attacks and to keep the moisture inside. If you wash them every day with shampoos and conditioners, the harsh chemicals present in hair products squeeze out the natural moisture from hair, leaving them dry and frizzy. So it is better to wash your hair every 2nd or 3rd day. And make sure you are using some natural or herbal products instead of harsh chemicals.

3. Avoid using hot water on your mane

Washing your hair with too hot water will leave them frizzy and dehydrated, especially if you are using conditioners. Every time you wash your hair try using lukewarm or cold water to prevent them from damage and frizz. You can also wash them with warm water and then pour some cold water on them to prevent the damage. This will also leave them soft and frizz-free.

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