7 Basic Makeup Tricks that make all the difference

We live in a busy world and it is hard to spare time for parlor appointments and spa treatments and etc. But still we are all looking to cut beauty corners. It is not always important to use expensive products or to visit parlor everyday while you know some easy tips and tricks that can do wonders. These little basic makeup tricks steps and efforts can literally have big impact on your daily life. Also when you make them a part of your daily life then no one can stop you from having more natural makeup look every day. That too without spending so much time and money.

I am going to state few easy make up steps that you don’t have to add in your life all at once. But when you try all of them slowly, you will see the difference and a big payoff for just little efforts. Be ready for the so much compliments and ‘thankyou’s’ and thank me later. Have a look at the tips.

Basic Makeup Tricks

Exfoliate regularly

When your skin is smooth and clear, you need less effort and less makeup for greater benefits. So get yourself a good quality scrub for exfoliation. Spare few minutes to scrub your skin gently in circular motion. Use a regular good quality moisturizer with little high SPF after exfoliate and off course before applying makeup for clearer and smooth skin.

Use concealer

If you wear liquid or any other foundation than add few dabs of concealer for more rested look. This way, your eyes will look little more brighter and all of your make up will look smoother and better. While you choose concealer make sure it matches your skin tone. Start applying from the upper lids and come towards the bridge of the nose and under the eyes. Blend the concealer well around the redness of your nose to minimize the blemished look. Apply little of compact powder to lightly dust the overall look.

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Fill brows in

Healthy and filled brows add essential definition to the face. It literally take couple of years from your face while if your brows are too skinny or too pale you will look older than your actual age. Choose an eye shadow of eyebrow powder that matches the color of your eyebrow hair.  With the help of a brow brush, apply little powder to your brows along with brow gel to make them look fuller and thick. If your brows are so light than you can draw a thin line around your brows in accordance with your brow shape and fill the centre of your brows with eye brow powder. (Eye brow powders are easily available in cosmetic stores)

Curl lashes

Curved eye lashes makes your eyes appear brighter, bigger and you will look more awake. A simple eye curler will give you finest curled eye look in few seconds.

Highlight brow and cheek bones

A shimmery look at the corner of your eyes, at the top of your cheekbones, just above the lips, and over the brow bones will add glow at your face and will make your eyes look bigger.

Wear blush

Slightest touch of pink shade blush will make your face naturally vibrant along with pinkish glow. Light pink or pale peach shade of blush along with nude lips and smoky eyes is the best makeup look I can ever try. And this whole look is complimented by the tough of light shaded blush on the cheeks.

Condition Lips

Hydrated and smooth lips will make your lipstick or gloss look more perfect. Trust me you won’t stop smiling when you won’t feel any flakes around your lips. Just as your whole face, don’t forget to exfoliate your lips before applying lipstick for more fuller and smooth look.

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