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7 Beautiful Celebs Above 40 Share Their Flat Belly Secrets

It’s very inspiring for seeing people maintain themselves in their best forms even when they get old. Such was the change witnessed in Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Aniston who assumed the best body shapes throughout their life after turning 40. And it is definitely inspiring for everyone as all of us want to the secret to their beautiful forms because as we grow older maintaining the desired figure becomes a challenging task. Before going for some flat belly techniques appearing in any famous fashion magazine try reading the following weight loss strategies which are although celebrity endorsed but proved medically that they are healthy to adopt by everyone.

Cindy Crawford, 51:

Cindy Crawford maintains her camera-ready figure by observing a daily yet varied workout humdrum consistently. She works out under her trainer Sarah Hagaman thrice a week in the mornings. There she does circuit training which also include the use of different weights as well as her own body. This practice continues for 10 minutes followed by a cardio drill soon after that for a period of five minutes. She repeats it trice alternating it with stepping the stairs finally ending up in stretching and abs. according to the experts her workout regimen is quite balanced and to crown it all she does with somebody makes it more interesting and fun.

The best part of her exercise routine is that she does some of the part using weights. Experts say that while we are aging the breaking process of muscles is faster in comparison to the repairing process. In this scenario strength training can be significant. Since muscles make approximately 40% of our body mass it contributes significantly to the body’s resting metabolic rate. At home it is suggested to do treadmill and adapt one of the many workouts.


Cindy Crawford
Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

Julianne Moore, 56:

Julianne who has turned 56 has stayed this healthy perfectly toned and lean because of the moderation she has in her life. while talking to Flare about her eating habits she said that in her twenties she used to eat pizza daily. However now such stuff is eaten occasionally. Moore’s diet today is comprised more of vegetables, salads, kale and fish. Moreover, she also indulges herself in power yoga every three days a week along with cardio and strength training. She says that due to age she is unable to do it every day as it makes her body ache.

Apart from her consistent exercise routine she eats a clean healthy diet which is modelled along the fences of Mediterranean cuisine which has been known for its healthy effects on longevity of life. All these three thing Ashtanga, cardio and healthy diet helps her maintain a figure that turns the heads of millions. For those at home experts suggest to mimic her 400 calorie Mediterranean diet.


Julianne Moore
Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images


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