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7 Shower Tricks To Keep Your Hair Thick, Shiny And Healthy

Sick of having bad hair days every time when you shower? Can you get those long strands to lie smooth and flat? No? Well, if your hair gets messy and you are so depressed about your hair, which are always on your nerves than you are on right place and this post is exactly for you to solve your hair problems.

Washing your hair carefully can make big difference to the natural outlook of your hair and they will appear more lustrous, shiny and thick. Aren’t you excite to read this that you are going to learn something new and amazing? Following are the 7 amazing shower tricks that will leave your hair gorgeous every time you wash them.

7 Shower Tricks To Keep Hair Healthy


  1. Shampoo The Right Way:

People usually shampoo their hair from scalp to end including all general length. But as the hair experts says that shampooing the root and scalp is more effective than shampooing whole hair because these are the parts where most of dirt tends to assemble. Using too much shampoo on the ends may cause dryness as well.

2. Avoid Hot water:

Warm baths are always refreshing and revitalising but they can also make your skin and hair dry. Hot water bath can absorb the essential oils from your hair and make them tangled. If you still want to have a warm bath than do consider lukewarm water. It is much safer than hot water.


3. Brush Properly:

Most of the women complaint about excessive hair fall and damaged roots and ends. This is because they don’t know how to brush their hair. It is important to brush your hair accurately. Do not brush wet hair or immediately when you come out of shower because this will damage the roots and cause hair fall. Brush your hair outward and with open or lose teeth comb or brush.


4. Don’t Shampoo Often:

Over-shampooing can damage your hair to great extent. Use shampoo twice a week and a little amount of it. Excessive usage of shampoos can dry out your hair and leave them tangled and messy.


5. Keep Showers Short:

Long showers can cause more harm than good. You should keep your showers short and avoid prolonged showers. Showers more than 10 minutes can cause all the essential oils to remove from your hair. keep your showers short and quick.


6. Pat Dry:

Last but not the least, we dry our hair by rubbing the towel on them, which is a great mistake we can attempt. While rubbing your hair you will only damage the roots and ends of your hair. If drying is really important just pat dry with towel and let them dry naturally. Pat dry or drying them naturally may be a longer process but it more effective and beneficial for hair health.


7. Conditioning Hair:

If you apply conditioner on your hair for 3-5 minutes after shower than you are just wasting your time because this is not going to make any difference. Conditioners usually have instantaneous effect and they do not penetrate your hair health for longer. Instead of this use some healthy oils like coconut and olive oil twice a week before shower and wash with mild shampoo.  These oils will leave your hair deeply conditioned and nourished and also enhances hair growth.

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