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7 Trendy Celebrity Hair Colors To Consider This Winter

Every season is fashion season but winter holds a very special place in every fashionista’s life. In winters, you can wear anything and as much cloths as you want and you can look gorgeous every time. It’s just not about what you wear but what makeup you are wearing, what accessories you are putting on and most importantly how your hair looks, the haircut, the style and the SHADE.

Let’s talk about the hair color here. The right shade of your hair can make you look classy, young, elegant and gorgeous. But if you don’t choose the right shade you might end up looking old, tired and your face might appear dim and shadowy.

Vibrant winter blonde, low lights with little touch of ombre and natural black just like Kim are the shades which are new in fashion. But deep red, new way of updated ombre, and honey blonde like Beyoncé’s new hair are also getting popular every day. Bella Hadid recently turned her hair rose gold and this will definitely convince you to try something new this winter, like they did.

Platinum Blonde:

Platinum blonde is a color of cool girls and it is a win-win situation when you try this color in winters. Paired-up with black turtleneck for a glaring contrast. Platinum hair look even brighter and shinier if you take a little good care while choosing silver shampoo. Just make sure the product you are using is of good quality.


platinum blonde
Image: Getty

Honey Blonde Hair:

Ever wonder how beautiful it will look when you blend the light brown color with vibrant shade of honey blonde? This perfect balance of colors isn’t too brash or strong but they look incredibly beautiful on every skin stone. And yes, who doesn’t want to have hair color as gorgeous as Beyoncé’s honey blonde?

honey blonde hair
Image: Getty

Terra Cotta Red:

This season’s red color is pretty different from the typical ginger red shade. But this time’s red comes with blue undertones same as Sarah Snyder and Amandla Stenberg. If the color looks too vibrant for your face tone or complexion then you might go for cool auburn kind of shade like Kate Mara. Isn’t it a great idea?


terra cotta red hair color
Image: Getty

Surfer Streaks:

I know that’s quite weird if we go blonde in winters but why not give it a try and be a trend setter? Plus, why we are always supposed to wait for summers to try some warm hues or brighter shades? Celebrities like Emilia Clark, beach blond beauty Blake Lively and Ciara are the top of the list of going blonde in winters.

Celebrity Hair Colors 2017 18
Image: Getty


Rose Gold:

With the pang of platinum, rose gold looks a little more gorgeous than normal anime pink shade because this old pink is pretty dominant in Instagram so why not try something new like Bella Hadid and Cara Delevingne and why not like Nicki Minaj, who is giving some serious hair color goals?


Rose Gold

Chocolate Ombre:

Ombre dye got some real appreciation since last few years. This dye job is usually done with lighter blonde tips but it has a lot of new routes now. Celebrities are using some real funky colors instead of blonde tips. Selma Hayek, Priyanka Chopra and Sasha Lane turned their dark roots to little warmer shade i.e. the chocolate brunette that awesomely opposes the cold season.

Chocolate Ombre


Natural Black:

This is quite rare if we see these celebrities in their natural look of dark or soft black hair but this time more and more celebs like Rihanna, Shay Mitchell and Diane Guerrero are adopting this natural look. Instead of jet black, this soft and natural black look more pretty and goes with every skin tone without looking too harsh.

natural black hair color

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