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8 Makeup Looks Every Girl Should Perfect

5. Flushed Cheeks

Flushed cheeks are sign of youthfulness and its not hard to achieve. Blush isn’t the only solution to get perfect flush cheeks. Its better to start with a foundation, spread a shimmer, pick right shades and blend over your cheekbones, and in the end you can also use your finger tips to spread the blush evenly. Using two or more finger is better idea as it blends the blush more properly.

6. Kohl Lined Eyes

For a kohl rimmed eyes, all you need is a black waterproof eyeliner. Draw line on top, bottom lash lines, and waterlines, and then blend the black eyeliner with the sponge to get a perfect look.

8 Makeup Looks Every Girl Should Perfect
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7. Nude Lips

Nude lips give a natural look; you should have as many nude shades as many other lip shades. Apply the gloss in the middle and blend outward for a fine look.

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8. Ethereal Skin

In case if you have square face, ethereal is really good idea at soften your features. Moreover, in case of square face you should avoid any punitive shades or lines on your eyes or lips.

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