8 Useful Tips to Maintain Hair Color

We all love experimenting with the hair dyes and hair looks. According to a survey more than 70% American girls dye their hairs. Hair coloring therapy is getting more advanced and safer for your hair follicles. But there is some problem with the maintenance of the hair dye for longer period of time.

Hair coloring is fun but when it fades too quickly leaving hairs dull and cloudy it spoils the whole fun game. Whether you select some solid hair dye or go with the low light, highlights it looks gorgeous in the beginning. When this color goes down leaving fade shade behind it is just awful. Especially, when you die your hair with the red color it fades so quickly because the molecules present in the red hair dye are largest. And it escapes your hair earlier than any other color. But there are some simple yet useful tips to maintain hair color for the longer time period.

8 Useful tips to maintain Hair Color

  1. Say no to sulfate and clarifying shampoos

Clarifying and sulfate shampoo cause damage to hair color and leave them dull and dry. Rethink your shampoo and conditioner buying and select a product for specifically formulated for the dyed hair. if you want to change the hair color then at that time you can use clarifying shampoo to make your hairs clear from the previous chemical effects.

  1. Hot water is a big slip-up

It is better to wash your with the cold water or Luke warm water rather than hot water. Water at high temperatures penetrates deeply with the chemicals and cause more slip up of hair color pigments from hairs.

  1. Avoid sun damage

Sun rays especially in summers are very damaging. An ultra violet sun ray deeply penetrates and cause serious damage to your hair and skin. Try to avoid direct sunlight by having a hat or umbrella. If you can’t go with it then try some protecting spray or leave in treatments.

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