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9 days to younger healthier looking skin

Isn’t it too hard to be a young girl with busy life? Busy life, lots of work, studies and everything around you makes you feel tired and unaware of the changes happening in you? Yes, this is common in girls at young age. You might feel changes in your skin like it’s getting dry, creasing, wrinkling, dull, dark and what not? And if it is not happening yet than remember it is coming soon. Think about that pivotal moment when you look in the mirror and realize that you are aging too soon and these signs of aging are absolutely unwelcomed.

Hold on, you are supposed to worry about this. Just few steps in few days and they would be all gone and you will be young refreshed and beautiful again. No expensive products, no time consuming beauty parlour visits. It is just few regular use products, and few changes in your everyday habits and you will notice the change in you.

Following are the 9 days plan that will help you get back to your beautiful and happy self. Let’s start from Saturday and by the end of next week you will notice the glow in your face.

9 days to younger healthier looking skin

Healthier Skin
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Day 1: Simplify

~Establish daily face-care habits
~There are numerous beauty products available in the market and it is quite hard to determine which is best for your skin type. So it is better to stay with a gentle cleanser, a normal skin moisturizing sunscreen for day time and one moisturizer for exfoliation at night.
~Begin a regular sleep schedule
~Stop considering sleep as a luxury, because it is a necessity for overall health and body. In order to keep your body in order and to heal it, you need to sleep 8 hours, every 24 hours.

Day 2: Relax

~Book a massage, connect with friends and/or have sex
~Spend your time with people who makes you happy and with whom you are comfortable. Join some old friends at coffee or plan a lunch together. Ask your partner for regular sex or have a hot bath or visit a spa.
~Focus on daily breathing exercises
~Spare few minutes every day to focus on your breathing. Inhale and exhale in fresh air and listen the sounds of your breathing.

Day 3: Go green

~Get out in nature and take in your surroundings
~Walk in the sunlight for about 20 minutes to get vitamin D and to boost your energy levels.
~Drink green tea
~Drink 2-3 cups of green tea a day to fill yourself with lots of flavonoids and make this your habit for the rest of your life.

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