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9 Famous Celebrities With The Beauty Marks

7. Paula Abdul

She is the one famous for her singing, dancing and undoubtedly the striking looks with her beauty mark. In the beginning her beauty mark was covered but later on she made her mole exposed above her cheek bone. Her fans find it more attractive and eye-catching.

celebrity beauty marks


8. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is the one with the kind heart, stunning face and also the most beautiful woman on earth. Her mole on her forehead is not the only thing we find perfect. She is the true definition of perfection and beauty. It is also probable that her inner beauty made her shine from the outside. She needs no introduction and for sure the lovely n gorgeous face of industry with the beauty mark.

celebrity beauty marks


9. Rachel McAdams

She is a Canadian actress and her birth mole is just like the mole of another Canadian star Sarah Jessica Parker. Sara opt for the removal for her mole but Rachel own it and it is her beauty mark. She looks stunning with that and obviously we all love her.


celebrity beauty marks

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