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Beauty Secrets of Hollywood Sensation Angelina Jolie

We have some real life angel faces, like Angelina Jolie. She is actually a living legend, in terms of being super talented and extremely beautiful. Jolie is someone, who isn’t just admired by the people, but people worship her for having angelically beautiful face, overwhelming attitude and elegance she holds. We definitely don’t need any proof of her acting skills because we have seen her acting in the movies like “Wanted, Salt and Original Sin etc.” Despite being a renowned Hollywood celebrity, the Diva is also involved in social working and film direction. I am sure Angelina Jolie beauty secrets will help you carry sensational figure.

Angelina is already 39 years old, but her face, body and everything looks as young, fresh and clear as a 20 years old young girl. What is the reason behind this long lasting beauty and fitness? We have an answer to this question. Yes, we are going to share Angelina Jolie’s beauty, fitness and diet secrets.

Angelina Jolie Beauty Secrets

Angelina Jolie Beauty Secrets

Skin Care:

When it comes to taking care of her skin, it is Jolie’s first priority, as she has to appear on the screen beautiful. She doesn’t use harsh chemical containing harsh soaps but gently cleaning face wash. She holds a high SPF sunscreen whenever she goes out in direct sunlight, along with huge goggles and an umbrella to protect herself from sun rays.


Angelina rarely goes for darker lips because she thinks that dark lip colors reduces the natural shine of the eyes. She is a big fan of dark smoky eyes and light shades of lip color. And takes care of maintaining good balance between her eyes and lips.

Beauty secrets of Hollywood sensation Angelina Jolie


Angelina’s diet is mainly on low carb and high proteins with lots and lots of water. She stated in an interview that she drinks water like a fish that promotes clear skin and ideal body. To keep herself fit, her everyday workout plan includes kickboxing and twisted lunges and sometimes she runs for miles.

Angelina Jolie is same human like we all are and we can be beautiful like her. All we need is care and motivation to take care of what we do, what we eat and how often we move our bodies.

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