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4 Beauty Hacks for Fuller Lips

Fuller lips are the dream for all women out there. No matter how many beauty hacks we have used or how many sleepovers we have been to, we still have to find most tried and tested fuller lips tricks. Whether you go for nude style lip, plump or something dark and glossy, I know you want to stop the traffic with your gorgeous full lips. To fulfill your dream, I’m going to write few beauty hacks for fuller lips that definitely work to make your lips look fuller and gorgeous.

Beauty Hacks for Fuller Lips

beauty hacks for fuller lips
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Brush off flakes:

Flaky or crumbling lips imitate less light and they would make your lips look dry and smaller. To get rid of this effect you should remove the flakes first. Brush your lips with the toothbrush slowly in circulation motion to remove flakes. This will boost blood circulation in your lips and will produce rosy look on your fuller lips.

Exfoliate With Cinnamon:

Cinnamon is known as great natural scrub that leaves the skin soft, supple and fuller. Mix a tsp. of cinnamon with honey and rub gently on your lips for beautiful look.

Avoid dark lipstick:

Darker shades of lipsticks flatten the look of your mouth and light shades like nudes and lighter shades of pink will make your lips look bigger and give a trendy look.

Use two different nude lip colors:

Don’t ever go for same lip shade but apply little darker shade around your edges and lighter in the centre and blend to mix the shades. This will give fuller look to your lips and entire face. You can also use little of liquid foundation before applying the lipstick, this trick will also give a fuller and bigger look to your lips.

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