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Bella And Gigi Hadid Have A Hot Secret Model Cousin

Gigi and Bella Hadid are the two gorgeous faces of fashion industry and they rules the world with their incredible bodies and pretty faces. But what if I tell you that these two Hadid’s aren’t the only two super models in the family? Because these super models have a cousin sister, who isn’t that perfect like them and is going to hit the ramp or screens soon.

Gigi and Bella Hadid’s Secret Model Cousin

Joann Van Den Herik is 18 years old daughter of Yolanda Hadid’s one of a siblings, who just signed a plus size modelling contract with International Model Management and Maxime Models.

Joann is quite chubby from her super model cousins but she is absolutely gorgeous. She posted a picture of herself in her official Instagram account and she stated that she is happy to be healthy and alive because she is blessed to wake up in the morning and she can do whatever she wants with people she loves and people who love her. She also stated that she is happy about getting over her insecurities, ups and downs and everything that was making her feel devastated.

Joann looks so happy and positive about signing the modelling contract because she found herself unique and gorgeous and after all this she has got the reason to smile. She also suggested the girls who have chubby bodies to not to feel bad about bad comments and body shamming compliments. All these comments never matters but all that matters is what you feel about yourself and how you see yourself. She further stated that never ever change your appearance for someone else. Love yourself, Love your body and smile because that’s more important.

gigi bella model cousin
Credit: INSTAGRAM / joannvdherik

Joann posted another full body picture in her official Instagram account and captioned the picture saying that she was so afraid to post that picture because she was a victim of body shamming. And she never wanted the world to see the fat she carries on her stomach and especially on her legs, ass and thighs. But she is not afraid anymore to show her “so called ugly side” because that’s not ugly but more natural because she is not plastic.


She is Gorgeous

Joann is very much confident about how she looks. She really wanted to break the stereotypes about guys having six packs and girls should be of size zero. People who tell you to stop showing your body because you are fat or you look ugly are just some useless creatures on earth. Tell yourself that your body loves you and you should love it back.

Joann lives in Holland so that she doesn’t meet her supermodel sister cousins very often. But if we see their official Instagram accounts we can judge that the trio is super close to each other and Joann is all set to join her sisters on the screen, magazines and ramps off course. Joann is a new positive body advocate who want people to accept their bodies and how they look by sharing pictures of herself.


hadid plus size model
Credit: INSTAGRAM / joannvdherik

She recently posted a picture in bodysuit and again she stated that she wasn’t pretty sure to post this one. Because she doesn’t have that perfect small ass and skinny legs as her ass is too “ugly” and her legs are too “fat” as per the society’s definition of beauty that only includes skinny girls. But now she doesn’t care about what society thinks. She loves herself and she loves her body. Furthermore, she is no more afraid of showing her body. Joann is desperate enough to tell people that they are all pretty and gorgeous in whatever size they. And nobody is created to please anyone but themselves.

More power to you girl!

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