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An American fashion model and Model of the year for 2016 is no other than Bella Hadid, sister of top model Gigi Hadid. Bella is not older than 20 years and in just few years of her career she signed several modelling contracts including IMG Models. She will also walk Victoria’s secret fashion show in Paris. Bella’s father is Palestinian American and mother is former model. Her parents got divorced years back and Yolanda remarried and has 5 daughter other than Bella and Gigi. Bella is an award winning model and in near future it is confirmed that she is going to be a super model like her sister. She is fashionable and you will get to know Bella Hadid fashion looks.

Bella Hadid was born and raised in Los Angeles, her mother, Yolanda, is a Dutch born American and a former model, who became star in the TV series, in 2012, before she quit modelling. Mohammad Hadid, father of Hadid sisters, was real estate businessman.

Bella Hadid photos 2016
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Before stepping in the modelling world, Bella Hadid was fond of Olympics but she quit practicing as she got a Lyme disease, which is more like a family disease. Bella came to New York to study photography after she signed her first modelling contract and she dropped out of the school because of her success in the career. After that she wanted to go back to school to continue her studies, after her first modelling contract. Bella has already won three different awards including models.com industry award and followed by two model of the year awards.

In 2015, April, the model was seen with the Canadian singer, at Coachella and it was confirmed later that they are dating. Bella Hadid also featured in ‘The Weeknd’s music video in December 2015, the music titles was ‘In the Night’. The couple recently seen together at Grammy’s Red Carpet 2016.

If we see Bella’s recent performances, then it is not difficult to assume that she is going to be the new fashion sensation in coming years.

Bella Hadid Fashion Photos


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