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Best Celebrities Hair Transformation of 2016

As terrible as 2016 was, it made us cry the whole time. Only a handful of things can be considered good and one of them was celebrity hair transformation. Some of our favorite stars completely changed their hair and we loved it. Here’s a list of celebrities with best hair transformations:

Celebrities Hair Transformation

1) Hailey Baldwin

Justin Bieber’s ex left her blonde hair for a new rosy hue shade and we cannot help but think it suits her better than ever. The darker shade of her roots makes it all even beautiful.

2) Alessandra Ambrosio

The Victoria’s Secret model and newly made mom got a new haircut and her bangs look amazing. They also make her look younger and give her the feel of innocence!

3) Gigi Hadid

Active member of Taylor Swift squad and girlfriend of Zayn Malik chose to let her original brunette show for the holidays

4) Selena Gomez

The pop star did not only get herself a new boyfriend but also debuted a new hairstyle in 2017. She ditched her long signature hair for a short sleek lob and we love it.

5) Ruby Rose

The actress showed her new pink hair on Instagram in December and made people forget all about the dark black she always adorned. Pink rose color definitely compliments her name too.

6) Michelle Obama

Former First Lady got a short bob from her very famous stylist named Johny Wright just in time for her last holidays in White House.

7) Kylie Jenner

The reality TV star, Kylie Jenner known for her hair transformation each week had settled on platinum blonde for months. But now, just in time for Thanksgiving she changed it black to her original and natural dark black hair.

8) Bella Thorne

The boyfriend changing star changed her hair this time and ditched her red mane for an ocean blue color. Her transformation wasn’t approved much by her fans and they want to see the red back.

9) Olivia Wilde

The actress got a new haircut and flaunted on her Instagram account saying “#nomoremelaniahair” referring to the incoming First Lady of America. We are definitely loving her lob.

10) Kristen Stewart

The actress returned to her dark brunette hue from a bleach blonde. We seem to think the darker shades look better on our very own Bella.

These were our favorite hair transformations, let us know if you agree. Did your favorite make the list ?

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