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Best Dressed Celebs at Golden Globes 2017

As the star studded night came to an end, we were all left baffled by the dresses, the gowns and the beauty that adorned the show. When we saw all the celebrities walking down the beautiful red carpet, it was so hard to comprehend who looked better. Let’s see now which best dressed celebs at Golden Globes 2017 got stuck in our head!

Best Dressed Celebs at Golden Globes 2017

1) Emma stone

It felt like the La La Land actress knew she was winning big with her new movie, she chose a Valentino dress that made her look prettier than ever. The light color of her dress matched her skin tone so well, plus look at those stars making her shine as bright as her career.

La La Land stars

2) Jessica Biel

She probably got tired of people saying she is lucky to have Justin Timberlake. Jessica showed the world how lucky JT is to have her. She wore an Ellie Saab and proved there was nothing dull about simple black and white.

3) Hailee Steinfield

The Pitch Perfect star remained simple yet elegant with a light purple pastel colored dress. She was definitely one of our favorites in a dress by Vera Wang.

4) Janelle Monae

Janelle showed everyone around how to catch attention at Golden Globes by wearing one of the most beautiful dresses of all. It was unique yet exquisite. She wore an Armani and was jeweled by ForeverMark. Though, some people thought it was a bit over done for red carpet but we believe it was the perfect choice.

5) Priyanka Chopra

Quantify star highlighted the Golden in golden Globe by wearing the most sparkly Golden dresses and she looked absolutely stunning wearing it. Ralph Lauren probably didn’t even think the dress would look this good on her but she definitely made the top five.

6) Blake Lively

People calling her dress weird probably need to search the meaning of unique and trending fashion. You can say she looked pretty or you can say she looked horrible but we can all agree she looked different from every other star walking the carpet. Her Versace dress caught the attention of many but can we talk about how good her body looks few months after giving birth? She is goals!

7) Gwendoline Christine

Brienne of Tarth, the Game of Thrones star, looked simply breathtaking in a Vivienne Westwood. The light color of the dress complimented her skin tone and showed us a side of hers that was hidden behind armour.

8) Issa Rae

The Insecure star definitely didn’t look insecure wearing a white dress. It was her debut on a major red carpet and she did better than most. Let’s hope we see more of white on a black skin because it looked beyond pretty.

We hope your favorite made the list too. We talked enough about the best dressed celebrities but there were some who completely got off the hook. Look forward to our list of Worst Dressed Celebrities from Golden Globes 2017.

Golden Globes 2017
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