Best Way to Apply Make Up in Rainy Days

In a rainy and windy weather make up application is actually a big challenge for the girls. The humidity in the air is very high and there are chances to wipe out make up as you step out of the house. Hair and makeup both are important and it has to be on point does not matter what the weather is. You can go with the wet hair look and pony tails for the rainy weather. But what about makeup look to carry. Here are some simple tips regarding the best way to apply makeup on rainy day.

9 Best way to apply makeup in rainy days

These are some simple tips of makeup application that will help you a lot to carry more settled look best for the rainy weather.

1. Use a good primer

Primer is very much important for making your makeup look long lasting. It helps to secure your make up foundation and even the moisturizer you applied. It is also recommended to use an eye primer on your eyes. Even if you are applying water proof makeup products the use of primer is still very important.

2. Moisturize carefully

You need to be very careful for the application of moisturizer before the application of makeup on rainy day. If you have an oily skin then you can skip it. But if it is very important for you then go with some sort of lighter formula. As the humidity in the air is very high that is why the highly moisturized skin will cause the swipe out of makeup.

3. Say no to heavy foundation

Heavy foundations are going to be the disaster on rainy day. If you want a proper coverage and you use a heavy cream on your face it will melt after some time. So, it is better to go with the lighter cream or foundation and end it with the illuminating powder to get the proper coverage.

4. Blend it in the best way

Blending is very important all the time. But when you go out in the rainy weather you need to blend like you never before. Blending gives your skin a flawless finish and also increases the longevity.

5. Matte look is best for the rainy weather

In rainy days you don’t need to get the glossy or sparkly finish on your face. When you came out of your house the increase in humidity made it easy to remove make up out of your face. It is a smart choice to go with the matte primer, moisturizer and the matte finishing powder .

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