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Celebrities Flawless Skin Care Tips

Your skin is the most important feature that needs protection and that you should be protecting from environmental problems, pollution, makeup harms and other problems. Here are some tips from your favorite celebrities about how you can have gorgeous looks everyday with protected skin.

Celebrities Flawless Skin Care Tips

Proactive and Pretty- Lauren Conrad:

She said that she has bad skin when she was in high school but proactive’s three-step system works for me and I’m fond of it since then.

Gossip Glow- Leighton Meester:

Meester rarely uses makeup but La Roche-Posay is her favourite as their products are odourless, mild and gentle on the skin.

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Toothpaste Touch-Up- Fergie:

Fergie told us that when she breaks out she uses toothpaste to dry up the spots and it always works.

Wave Rave- Vanessa Hudgens:

Neutrogena’s wave are incredible as it leaves the skin so soft and so smooth and is super convenient on the road.

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Scrub Your Skin- Beauty Smartie Dana:

St. Ive’s Apricot scrub is incredible to exfoliate the skin as it removes the dead cells, blackheads and whiteheads and leaves the skin soft, smooth and gorgeous.

Sunscreen Starlet- Selena Gomez:

Light coat of Olay’s SPF lotion works great on Selena’s skin as she uses it before applying makeup for extra smooth finishing.

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Sleeping Beauty- AnnaLynne McCord:

McCord cleanse her skin twice a day and she uses BenzaClin once a day and she recommended to get some beauty sleep because restful sleep gives you clear skin and a healthier glow. She also stated that she uses high SPF sunscreen to protect her skin.

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Brush Off Breakouts! – Beauty Smarty Cindy:

Makeup tools can accumulate bacteria so if you are using makeup sponges than try using the disposable ones and discard them after using and wash your regular makeup brushes with baby shampoo or brush cleanser. These brushes might contain bacteria, causing your skin to develop breakouts.

Magic Makeup- Miley Cyrus:

Sensai face is more like a miracle to Miley, as she stated that this changes her life. All she had to do is wash her face smile and bang on.

Healthy Hottie- Kristen Bell:

Before applying any makeup Kristen Bell gives herself a quick facial at home with Kate Somerville’s Kate in a Jar, $85, This makes her skin glow, healthier and she feels rejuvenated.

Forever Young- Bianca:
To prevent premature wrinkles, damaged skin and sunspots, you should be wearing a sunscreen with at least 15 SPF. Olay’s oil free moisturizer with 15 SPF is best for this purpose.

Fake Bake- Jessica Lowndes:

Bronzer works great on my skin and my mother told me that less is more so I stopped looking like an Oompa-Loompa and look prettier instead.

Cheeky Chick- Jessica Stroup:

Well, Jessica’s tip is pretty cool as she said that she always had to pinch her cheeks so that she never looked flushed even when she is embarrassed. Never like never ever.

Calming Creams- Jami:

Jami uses skim calming masks every week to settle downs the oils and refreshed the skin.

Growing Up- Amanda Bynes:

Amanda had skin problems since she was young and pimples make her feels pretty uncomfortable. It also makes her self-conscious as pimples sends her back to the time when she was 13. It’s okay to have that feeling but don’t panic.

Mad for Moisture- Minka Kelly:

Kelly washes her face every night before she hits the bed and she uses moisturizer since quite long. She is more like obsessed with moisturizing her skin as she stated that she find is hard to get out of shower before fully lathering her whole body and face with a good moisturizer.

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