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How to choose different Hair Oils for different hair types

Hair oils are used for enhancing the growth of hair so that they may look thicker, shinier and stronger. They provide extra nourishment to hair and help them grow faster. Damaged hairs are also repaired by using oil. Oiling on daily basis can keep the circulation of blood in head good and balanced.

How to choose different hair oils for different hair types

Choose Hair Oils for different hair types

1) Hair oil for dry hair

Virgin coconut oil can be prove to be helpful as it can penetrate the scalp and repair the damage. It also prevents dandruff as it is light weight. It is also non greasy.

Avocado oil can also help in filling the cracks of cuticle. It contains necessary proteins, amino acids and vitamins such as vitamin A, D and E.

Argan oil contains vitamin E, Omega 3 and Omega 9 fatty acids that can provide nutrition to hair. It penetrates the hair shaft and restores the lost moisture of hair. It restores the color, texture of hair and prevents hair from harmful UV radiations and pollutants present in the environment.

2) For oily hair and scalp

Lavender oil, Jojoba oil are useful for oily hair as they are light in weight and provide moisturisation to hair. They are non greasy in nature. Morocco oil with serum can also be good for oily hairs.

3) Hair oil for dull hair

Sweet almond oil contains large amount of vitamin A, B and E. It repairs split ends of hair and restores the shine of hair. It also improves scalp circulation. Vitamin E makes hair thicker and longer. It also protects hair from damaging radiations.

Pomegranate seed oil contains punicic acid that increases flexibility of air and provide strength to the damaged hair. It keeps hairs at optimal conditions and prevents them from damage of radiations.

4) Oil for dandruff prone hair

Castor oil, lavender oil and almond oil are all important for dandruff prone hair. Adding few drop of tree tea oil with the previously mentioned oils can be more beneficial. As tree tea oil has anti fungal properties it can be very beneficial in eradicating fungus or dandruff from the hair. Apply the mixture of these oils and leave it overnight for dandruff infected hairs and wash in the next day.

how to choose hair oils for different hair types

5) Hair oil for fine hair

These kind of hair can easily be damaged. Jojoba oil can be used for such hair for effective results.

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