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Chris Evans tells about the Future of Captain America, Celebrity Crushes & more

Chris Evans latest movie Gifted is going to be showcased in theaters on 7th April. In his recent interview for the promotions of the movie she revealed about many facts of his life. This interview was a great fun as some great facts about the life of the former actor came out.

The most imperative news he shared with the media was he plan to be a dad one day. This fun talk is not limited to this fact only but there is much more for you guys, you surely want to know.

Chris Evans Reveals (Cute)

While talking about his childhood Evan said that his favorite subject in the school was math. He did not like English as much. According to Chris Evan, he hates spellings and grammar. In her upcoming movie Gifted his role is to be a boat mechanic who is nurturing his six years old math prodigy niece.

Chris Evans
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Talking about the young love of his life Evan shares that he has at least three celebrities crushes in his early life. Elisabeth Shue of adventures of babysitting and karate kid comes at the first in the list. Lori loughlin is the second name but surely she is the crush of us all. And the last but not the least she is Sandra Bullock. This is again a big name and we all love her too.

He also speaks about the dream role of his life. He said, ‘’he love Gene Kelly, and would love to play this character in the Gene Kelly biopic or something like that’’. All his co-star frequently comments about his dancing skills and he would love to be star in a musical.

Evan added in the talk, as he is a Disney buff. He has not seen the new Disney ‘’Beauty and the beast’’ yet but he will watch the movie soon.

While talking about the future of captain America, Evan said. His contract is done and now it is out of his hand. He is doing the role for a decade and he can’t think about to put down that shield. It is very hard to think about not doing it. He would love to play that role and always open to it.

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