How To Upgrade Your Contouring Game – Contouring Tips

Kim Kardashian’s super amazing make-up artist, Mario Dedivanovic, is a man behind Kim’s awesome looking cheekbones. He is known as the master of contouring because he sculpts and chisels cheekbones of the celebs, like no other make-up artist. Mario is a pro at forming gorgeous and fresh make-up looks, like he created for Kate Bosworth. If you really want to learn his super amazing techniques, you don’t have to get tickets for his classes but you can learn his techniques by staying at home. Have a look at these pro contouring tips and make you contouring game as strong as Kim’s or Kate’s.

Contouring Tips

Go easy on creams and powders:

Mario said in his earlier interview that you shouldn’t have to apply layers of creams and base unless you are forward-facing a camera for 10 or more hours and if you are going in front of the camera for subtle takes then just dust your cheekbone hollows with darker powder and dust with lighter powder above the cheekbones.

Brush with lighter hand:

Dedivanovic said that while brushing out the contour powder on your face, do this with lighter hands because in natural day light it might look quite heavy. Brush in a proper way when you are going for evening parties. It would be amazing if you use Swarovski-covered Choos.

Use an even base:

When you contour on bare skin, then your face complexion and cosmetic colour become quite differentiable. So Dedivanovic uses tinted moisturizer or ultra-hydrating water based foundation before applying contouring powder. And the suggested products are Sephora’s moisture foundation.

Pick Brushes for blending instead of the make-up sponges:

Though there are a lot of make-up sponges are available for blending purposes but Mario suggests that one must use brushes. And he has huge variety of brushes but he uses an angled brush for contouring, a powder brush to highlight the cheekbones and a blush brush to spread pinkish shade above the cheekbones. You can use Sephora’s contouring brush collection.

Choose and pick make-up wisely:

When you see some make-u item trending everywhere, this doesn’t mean that you have to try this out. If your cheekbones are already sharp like marquise diamonds, then you don’t have to contour or otherwise this will make you look melodramatic.

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