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All the Creepy Monsters of “Stranger Things”

stranger things monsters

Stranger Things is among the most famous Netflix shows. In season three you will see more creepy, weird and scary monsters. And I know this is not a surprise for the fans of Stranger Things because what else you can expect from the show “Stranger Things”! Show’s name explains it all and I do not have to tell you why there are strange things in ‘Stranger Things’. But sometimes a viewer can become confused like I did, as the show has so many monsters in it. So, for your ease here is the list of all the creepy creatures which have come to the Hawkins from the Upside Down world.

(Warning! This can be a spoiler for you if you haven’t watched the third season yet.)

The Mind Flayer

The Mind Flayer or the real king of the Upside Down world looks like a mighty spider to me. It is actually a shadow which hi-jacks the human bodies. This is its way to destroy poor Hawkins! Actually, The Mind Flayer wants to kill Eleven because she is the only one who has the power to kill The Mind Flayer. Eleven is in Hawkins and that is why it traps people of Hawkins to find Eleven before Eleven finds The Mind Flayer.

Mind flayer

In season two the mighty spider (The Mind Flayer) trapped Will and in season three it trapped Billy. When a body becomes useless for The Mind Flayer, it discards the body in the sewer which becomes the part of the monster. Luckily, Joyce Byers killed The Mind Flayer in season three when she closed the Russian’s gate of the Upside Down world. No one knows if this is the end of this ugly spider. Maybe it will come again but who knows!

The Demogorgon

Demogorgons are the most important servants, (I prefer to call them servants), of The Mind Flayer. This scary monster looks like a Venus flytrap. They are dumb creatures (that is why I called them servants) but they are very loyal to their boss (The Mind Flayer) and follow its orders. Demogorgons have an amazing sense of smell and their bodies are bulletproof. Last but not least, killing people is their favorite hobby.


In season one it kidnapped people and brought them to the Upside Down world. It also killed poor Barbara. In season two different stages of Demogorgon were showed (like Dart: Dustin’s pet).


In season two Demogorgon appeared as Dart. Dustin found it and kept it as his pet. He did not realize that Dart could be dangerous. His bad! Dart came out to be a little monster who killed Mrs. Henderson’s cat, Mews. There came a point when Dart joined all other monsters and started to attack the kids. But Dart is not that bad and dangerous. In spite of being a Demogorgon, it helped Dustin (Dart’s master) and his friends to escape the tunnel in season two. Unluckily, Dart died in the end of season two when Eleven closed the door of the Upside Down world.



As the name shows, vines are not a monster. But these are very dangerous tendrils in the Upside Down world. They make their own ways in the tunnel and for me they are eccentric! Vines trap humans and things very badly. They tangled Will in season one and trapped Hopper in the tunnel in season two. Fortunately, they have a weakness which is fire. So, I guess a lighter would be enough to kill these mad vines.


The Hospital Creature

What will you name the monster if it first appears in the hospital? If you are in danger then “the hospital creature” would be more than good. By the way, its name is Thrall. Whatever! Thrall is the new creepy monster of season three. The Mind Flayer created Thrall which attacked Jonathan and Nancy in the Hawkins Memorial Hospital. It has the ability to change its shapes like it melts down in order to enter the closed door from the bottom crack.

Fortunately, Eleven kills the Thrall which slips into the goo to go back to its master The Mind Flayer.

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