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How to: Day to Night Holiday Makeup

Finding it difficult to manage your makeup look for day and separate for night? Not a problem anymore. For your morning to night makeup just keep is simple and real. For day light or morning, go for a single eye shadow, a mascara and an eyeliner is all that you need. And for evening, add a sizzling shimmery eye shadow with sparkled color and a little darker lip color.

You don’t have to re-do the complete makeup. Because here I am going to tell you few easy changes that you can do to transform your makeup from daylight look to night time look.  Let’s have a look at the perfect dewy look for the morning and more defined look at the night along with how you can transform yourself for morning night look without re-applying any makeup.

How to: Day to Night Holiday Makeup


Dewy look for the day time:

For an easy and more natural look, apply a slight line of liner above your eye lids. Also apply single coat of mascara on upper lashes only. This will make your eyes appear brighter and your dark circles less apparent. Now with the help of the brush blend your upper eye lid liner a little and apply black eyeshadow above it to the crease. Curl your lashes and apply fast drying mascara and curl them again for more curled eyelash look. At last, finish the look with a light shade lip gloss and a soft blush just above your cheekbones. Here it is your natural dewy look, perfect for the morning time.

Defined look for the night time:

Raise your glam factor with some extra coats of mascara and deep bronze eye shadow and little of highlighter. Draw a line at your lower lid and apply some shimmery bronze shadow, start from the lash line and blend towards the corner of your eyes. Now apply mascara on you above and lower lashes with two coats for extra fuller look. Now apply contour powder or concealer at your hairline, and under the cheekbones and blend accordingly. Apply some darker shade of lipstick and rock on.

Now it’s time to talk about changing your look from day to night, here are the steps.


Day: if you are going to the office and you have to attend a party at night then you need to define your day look like this. With the help of eyeshadow brush, apply light shade of shadows, starting from lashes to brow line, then enhance your crease with medium shade eyeshadow.

Night: Mix a darker shade of eye shadow with medium toned shades to enhance your crease and apply on your both lash lines at the top and bottom. If you want to apply matching eye shadow with your outfit than go for the shade in accordance with your dress.


Day: During the day time, apply shimmery shade at the corners of your eyes, at your brow-bones and just above the cheekbone, at your nose bridge and at the centre of your lips just below the nose. This will make your lips look fuller and brighter.

Night: Make your eyes look sparkly by applying highlighter at the corner of your eyes to brighten your eyes. And pair up with rosy or nude looking lips and that’s it.


Day: Just a plain or light pink or peach shaded gloss will make you look more natural.

Night: For night time parties and functions, I personally prefer darker shades of lipsticks in accordance with your dress shades. This will make you look fresher and brighter.

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