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Discover the Best Shorts for Every Body Type

Shorts are literally tricky to choose and most of us don’t know that shorts clothing should be according to the body type. The wrong shaped pair can cut-off the shape of your legs, make you look out of shape, make you appear shorter or wider than your actual physique. Following are the types of shorts you can wear according to your body type.

These tips work for all the women with all type of heights. But if you are short or petite than shorter pair of shorts that hit the mid-thighs, will work best for you to make you look like little taller according to your body type. But if you are tall and long than the pair of shorts that hits just below the thighs would look amazing on you.

Best Shorts for Every Body Type


For Girls with Curves (Casual)

If you are a lady with a curve than don’t go for itty-bitty cut-offs instead try some longer shorts with relaxed streamlined fitting. Pair up the shorts with structured tuck-in casual top that compliment your whole body.

For Girls with Curves (Dressed Up)

Curvy girls who needs to be dressed up for semi-formal events should go for a A-line short skirt with some floral printing on them with similar silhouette. This allows you to move comfortably in them and the cut defines the curves of your waistline.

For Slim Legs

If your legs are lean but you are broader from top than go for wide-waistband shorts with tuck-in top, fitted on your waist. You are blessed with gorgeous legs babe, don’t forget to show them off.

For an Hourglass Body

If you are lucky enough to have hourglass body than choose some shorts that contour your waistline and is little shorter.

For Shorter Girls

If you are not that tall and your legs are short than you are perfect to wear rock shorty-shorts as these kind of shorts gives an illusion of Karlie Kloss stems. This also gives that lengthening effect but if you go with chunky cuffs, it will break that effect.

If your body is petite than give yourself a look that make you look little taller by opting short shorts. This is because if you show little more skin, it will create the illusion of longer legs. If you pair up with heels or wedges, it will definitely be like cherry on top.

For Super-Slim Girls

If you are lanky, or slim-hipped than create some curves. For this go for body-making pleated shorts.

Short and Tight Is Too Much

Short shorts look cute and sometimes dandy but extremely tight shorts are not something we prefer. All you need is to balance out your shape and size.

Balance Your Bottom with Your Top

One of the most important part of wearing shorts is to remember that you need to balance your top with your shorts. Keep your tops in accordance with your shorts. Don’t go for too long tops with too short shorts. I see people usually doing this mistake by pairing up tees and tanks with too short shorts. Instead you should go for long sleeved blouse for more fuller and stunner look. And last but not the least wear something comfortable.

Be a Low-Rider

If you have short stomach than go for low-waist shorts. This will create a longer torso illusion.

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