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More Drama Alert: Gigi thinks Selena and The Weeknd has hell to pay!

People are going crazy talking about the most recent couple Selena Gomez and The Weeknd but it seems like there is someone out there who is not a big fan of them. Gigi Hadid said the couple will have “he’ll to pay” if The Weeknd cheated on her sister, Bella Hadid with Selena Gomez. Gigi Hadid who also walked the ramp of Victorias Secret Fashion Show with her sister Gigi Hadid thinks otherwise. She did not seem to admire the relation of Weeknd and Selena Gomez.

Gigi thinks Selena and The Weeknd has hell to pay

The couple came out in public in first week of January but rumors say it had been a while since they were together. Gigi Hadid is not much happy about it as she fears The Weeknd probably cheated on her sister. We hope that’s a lie!

We personally believe Gigi has nothing to worry about as The Weeknd definitely did not cheat instead just moved on after the break up. Moreover, the troubled fact is that Gigi and Selena are both part of Taylor Swift’s squad. Now their friendship seems at stake of sisterly love and romantic fling. God save Taylor Swift’s squad.

Beautiful Selena with Weeknd
Image Source: Courtesy of Coca Cola

Whatever Gigi Hadid says definitely doesn’t affect Selena and The Weeknd even a bit as they were seen on a date together at Dave and Buster’s on January 25th. Selena was also seen wearing her new boyfriend’s gold chain around her neck as she got captured walking out the venue. The couple is enjoying their honeymoon period all too much and we cannot wait for more photos of them together.

Do you think Gigi was right to threaten with “hell to pay” or should she be more supportive of the new couple? Are you team Bella or team Selena in this fight? We definitely support the hottest Hollywood couple!

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