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Drug Kingpin ‘El Chapo’ Sentenced to Life in US Prison

Joaquin Guzman, 62 years man, who is also known as ‘El Chapo” is charged guilty by the federal judge in Brooklyn, New York. He has been given a life sentence. In addition to this, three more decades has been added to Joaquin Guzman’s punishment. During the long hearing of Joaquin Guzman, he gets very little chance of speaking or maybe he chose not to speak more. Everyone is suspicious whether he will speak at his last public appearance or not. He will be sent to Florence in the Supermax prison, Colo.

Guzman said that his judge, Brian Cogan, has failed to carefully examine the claims of juror transgression in the case.  In January 2017 Joaquin Guzman was expelled to the USA from Mexico. The term of his banishment incorporated a pledge that the authorities of the USA would not give him death punishment.

El Chapo Sentenced

Brian Benczkowski who is the assistant attorney general said, Guzman’s punishment is based on justice.” He also added, “For more than 25 years Guzman thought that he was unbeatable. For him bribing, torturing, threatening and killing people was not an issue.” According to Benczkowski, this decision would minimize the crime rate in Mexico and the USA.

Ariana Fajardo Orshan, US Attorney for the Southern District of Florida remarked that this is the appropriate punishment for a person who has poisoned our community.  Guzman was found guilty of many charges, from selling drugs to killing people. There were ten different crimes which were included in his sentences like money laundering, narcotics trafficking, using a weapon in drug crimes and much more.

Narcos Mexico El Chapo
Source: Reuters

On the other hand, attorneys of Guzman asked for a new hearing during the Wednesday sentence, inquiring for a new trial to go over their accusations of jury delinquency. Jeffery Lichtman the defense attorney said, “This was simply a show trial.” He also remarked, “Five jurors broke the law while they were accusing Mr. Guzman guilty for the crimes.” He further said that the witnesses of government were psychopaths, sociopaths, and lunatics. He also stated that the hearing was fouled.

Outside the courthouse, while talking to the media Lichtman stated that I am not saying that Joaquin Guzman is a saint but this was a partial and biased decision.  He added that Mr. Guzman deserves a chance of impartial hearing.

Guzman escaped from the maximum-security prison in 2015 in Mexico. He has violated many rules and has been escaped from prison many times. Former President George W. Bush has declared him a “drug lord” 18 years earlier than his sentence.

Joaquin Guzman’s agency supplied cocaine and fentanyl in USA through an efficient transportation system. He had spent $1 million to build up his global drug trafficking network. The US authorities have also caught his two sons who were involved in cocaine, marijuana and methamphetamine trafficking in the USA.

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