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Edgy new haircut of Emilia Clarke we guarantee you did not see coming

Emilia Clarke recently cut her hairs and got a recent makeover we assure that you haven’t seen. Clarke is known for her different hair looks and dare to play with her hairs. Emilia Clarke is known for her character in the most popular series game of thrones. We all are very well aware of her role as mother of dragons and khaleesi. Her long hair look with the blond color made her looks one of the best starring role in the series. But her new look is very different from khaleesi.

Emilia Clarke New Haircut

In the recent makeover of Emilia Clarke she chopped her hairs with the bangs and a darker hair color. She presents her fresh look recently in the pre – BAFTA party. Her look was very fresh and praiseworthy to try for the coming spring season. She mixes up things in a different way, this time again. She tried new hair coloring technique ombre hue with the twist and kink of bangs.

Emilia Clarke New Hairstyle
Image Source: DAVID M. BENETT

This new haircut and color of Emilia Clarke might be her new look for the role in upcoming star wars franchise that centers Han Solo early years. This movie is scheduled for the release in 2018. We think that this look would stay in the same way. But it is also possible that she wants to free her looks from the character of mother of dragons. At that time seventh season of game of thrones has enclosed. Now the prior performer can freely express her in the way she wants to. If you too want to get a change in your looks then most probably bangs are the best to adopt.

This style can give you a change, with the length of your own desire. Length of bangs can be changed according to your face cut and shape. But absolutely it’s a fun way to get a fresh makeover.

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