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Emma Stone wore a bouquet of real rose in her hair

The splendid beauty of Hollywood Emma Stone recently spotted for the Premier of her new movie ‘’The Favorite’’ in the New York Film Festival. The face of The Beauty and the Beast and the buzz of many fledgling souls brings blossom at the fall season in New York with her blooming hair styling. At this time of the year New York is entering in the fall season. But this young lady brings back spring season in the City. Just check out her looks to witness this exaltation beauty.

Emma Stone hair styling was done by the owner of Mare Salon in West Hollywood named Mara Roszak. Roszak posted two pictures of Emma Stone on Friday, 28 September with a bouquet of real roses styled effortlessly in her hairs on his Instagram account. Later on Emma also posted some of her pictures on her Instagram account from the movie premier.

emma stone wore real roses
Image Source: SIPA USA / PA IMAGES

Emma Stone is perfection

Emma’s look was breathtakingly beautiful in her monochrome black and white outfit with the matching black and white box clutch. With this monochrome dress the makeup and hair were just on point. As you can see that yellow and red fresh rose’s bouquet complimented her hairs.

This is not the first time that a Hollywood star uses fresh roses to style her hairs. Before that the famous best friend of Emma Stone the ever gorgeous Jennifer Lawrence also wore a batch of fresh flowers at the premier of her movie Mother last year. Both of them carry these roses as their hair accessories in their own way beautifully.

Emma Stone is a real beauty and her this unique style has it’s very own presence.

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