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Eva Longoria tips to manage grey hairs, as she got grey at the age of 18

Eva Jacqueline Longoria Baston is 43 years old American actress, producer, director, activist and businesswoman. She started her carrier as a guest role in several television series. After that she play some significant characters in many television series like Isabella brana, the young and the restless, harsh times, over her dead body and the most popular one was desperate housewives. She got Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild Award for desperate housewives.

She appeared in many advertising campaigns and promotions. Right now Eva longoria is in contact with Hanes, New York & co. and L’Oreal spokes model. In an interview with the US weekly she publicized the fact that she got grey hairs just at the age of 18. That interview was based on her recent hair color transformation.

Eva longoria named as one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood by numerous publications and magazines. She glamorously faces long journey of more than two decades, in the most challenging media industry. It is very difficult to manage your looks when you face the grey hair problems at such young age. You have to make sure to frequently visit salon in your busy schedule. It is even more challenging when you are out of station and travelling a lot.
The spokes model of many leading brands share some quick emergency fix and fashion hacks to cover her grey hairs.

Eva Longoria Tips to manage Grey Hairs

Eva Longoria
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Eva longoria said that she often uses her mascara to cover her roots or in some cases she tries some eyeshades on her hairs to get an instant fix. Throughout her journey she tried many different hair looks. She passes through red, black and blonde hair looks and all of them required very high maintenance.

Right now to resolve the issue of grey hairs and high maintenance problem she tried balayage. As spring is coming so, the blonde ends are perfect for that. Her recent hair transformation is less ombre and more balayage. It gives a blended hair look at your grey hairs also merged with the colors. Some says that having grey hairs at young age is due to stress but it is actually the game of genetics which determine your hair color. Many young girls are facing grey hair problems but not to worry girls, just chill and enjoy your looks with the recent hair coloring techniques of ombre, balayage, lolights, highlights and streaks to get your favorite hair fix.

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