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Front Row Celebrities At Fashion Week

As the fashion week kicks off with a bang we cannot help but think about all the fashion and style that is about to be unleashed on us. Front row fashion is quite famous among top class celebs. Who did not hesitate to show their true class and updated fashion and style figures. It is always a trend to dress like a king / queen at Fashion weeks. This article influences the same and addressed top celebrity style and attire in a way everyone loves to watch.

But the most perfect part of the fashion week is not the dresses or looks the models present on the runway but the celebrities glamorously dressed sitting on front seats.

Front row celebrities at Fashion Week

The front row is always shining with the A list stars and here are our favorite looks from the night:

1)Thandie Newton
Newton wore a slick black dress and posed for a pictures at the summer and spring show of Schiaparelli Haute Couture. She had blazing hot red blazer draped upon her shoulders.

Celebrity Fashion

2) Rami Malek
The Mr. Robot star was seen wearing a jacket colored red and violet. He attended the Christian Dior Haute Couture in Paris.

3) Olivia Palemro and Johannes Huebl
The couple was literal goals and epitome of fashion and romance. Olivia was a combo of cream and black when she wore a knitted sweater over a black long sleeved shirt. Johannes wore a gray suit.

Olivia Palermo

4) Kristen Dunst
She looked stunning in a collared black coat and was a sight for sour eyes. It was all sophistication and elegance from her end.

5) Diane Kruger
She had a dress on with long, full skirt. She was clad in all black.

Front Row Celebrities At Fashion Week

We cannot wait to see more front row style in upcoming fashion weeks. Let us know about your favorite look out of this! Stay tuned for more updates.

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