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Gigi Hadid Matched Her Lipstick To Her Blue Tracksuit

Each day Gigi Hadid comes with new picture for us to glare enviously. Whether it is a random picture laughing with friends or posing like a pro in new Coco Channel ad campaign, she always appears perfect. Wandering in leopard long boots in mid-summer, or wearing glamorous outfit from her designer wardrobe, she always looks perfect.

Gigi Hadid Matched Her Lipstick To Her Blue Tracksuit

Did you look at her recent picture in sky blue head to toe tracksuit? Well, this is pretty common, we have often saw her wearing dresses like these but did you see her wearing blue/purple matching lipsticks? Well, this time yes.

Did I tell you before that this shade of lipstick looked amazing? Yes you heard it right, that shade looked so beautiful on her.

Gigi spotted in cotton citizen tracksuit in New York. According to the news she was returning from the shoot and her make-up was not on point but was pre-done. Her entire look was not complete fashion statement but she even looked amazing in semi-ready look. Or in short, whatever she wears, she looks good and perfect.

Why do we care a lot? This is because this low-key combination of tracksuit and blue/purple lipstick can be opted by anyone because it is super cool, isn’t it?

Gigi Hadid Makeup Fashion

Gigi Hadid is a super model off course but she is keeping a low key profile these days for no apparent reasons. (At least we don’t know). Only updates about her recent sporadic campaigns are on her Instagram account.

Despite being busy, she gets time to hang out with her girls including Supermodel sister Bella Hadid and mother Yolanda Hadid. This mother daughter trio had adorable hang out night together despite busiest schedules. That’s what we call love and bonding, right?

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