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Home Remedies to get Rosy Pink Lips

In a season like winters, every girl wakes up to find her lips dry and patchy. She looks in the mirror and to her horror the picture she sees is of the girl with pale, white lips. She hides behinds the layer of lip balms and lipsticks which in result makes her be late for everywhere. So what is the solution to that? you need effective home remedies to get rosy pink lips.

Don’t you ever wish to wake up and go out without having to apply layers of make up? Don’t you wish the uninvited, surprise giving guests aren’t exactly shocked to see your actual face without make up? Aren’t you tired of the dark shade of lips you have deserved by using cheap products or by smoking cigarettes? There are so many home made, do it yourself, remedies for a problem like this.

Now Get Rosy Pink Lips

You can get rid of the pale white lips or dark brown lips by following the simple solutions below.

1. Honey and lemon juice

Honey and lemon juice can be used every day and should be applied to lips before sleeping. All you have to do is mix the two up very thoroughly and then leave it on your lips for fifteen minutes. Follow it with any lip balm and you are good to go. It works because of the lightening properties of lemons. Plus, it doesn’t taste half bad! In fact, it smells even better.

2. Remove the toothpaste

No, I am not asking you to stop using the toothpaste; all I am asking you is to make sure there isn’t any on your lips. Every morning or night before bed, do not wash your face and then brush your teeth, instead brush your teeth and then wash your face. This helps to remove any toothpaste around your mouth which was probably invisible and may have darkened your lips to an ugly color.

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3. Beetroot

Beetroot has one of the most beautiful colors found in nature and how beautiful would that color look on your lips. You can easily find beetroot in any super market, all you have to do is juice it out and apply it every day on your lips before sleeping. You will love your lips the next morning, I guarantee. The maroon shade is now being made in to balms because of its likeness.

4. Use toothbrush.

You probably do use toothbrush each day on your teeth by why not buy another one for your lips? Each night before sleeping, use a thick layer of lip balm on your lips, beetroot lip balm is preferred. After giving it some minutes, gently massage your lips in circular motion with a tooth brush and was it all off with warm water. You can re apply a thin layer of beetroot balm if they seem a bit dry.

Now that we know the secret to pink, rosy lips and cheaper ways to get them more beautiful, we can stop worrying about waking up hours before usual time to get the make up done. Have a glossy day!

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