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Jennifer Lopez faces lawsuit for posting her own photo

Jennifer Lopez has 83.6 million followers on Instagram. So far she has shared 2623 posts on her account. But did you know that she has been sued for posting her own picture in her Instagram account. It is quite strange to have these sorts of things happen.

Jennifer Lopez faces lawsuit for posting her own photo

A photographer Michael Stewart took a photo of Jennifer Lopez walking through New York City. Stewart licensed that picture to the Daily Mail and uses it for her website on June 29, 2018. Jennifer Lopez uses the same picture and posts it on her personal Instagram account. According to the court documents the photographer has even registered that picture from the United States Copyright Office.

JLo selfie
Jennifer Lopez / Instagram

In order to share that post with her followers Jenifer Lopez has to take the permission from the owner who has registered it and claim to be the author of the photograph. The photographer has sued Jennifer Lopez and her production company for the copyright infringement.

This is not the first time that a celebrity has been sued to share her own pictures with their fans. Before that Jessica Simpson, Blac Chyna and Beckham Jr. are also present in the list of such celebrities. Jennifer Lopez is the latest celebrity to be sued for posting her own photo.

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