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Karl Lagerfeld Channels Ancient Greece for the Chanel Cruise 2018 Runway

At the setting for cruise fashion show, it is pretty hard to beat Cuba. Because last year channel rock the ramp with its huge adventure happened in Havana. But people who thought Karl Lagerfeld would sit idle on his success with a show back in France, would have been surprised instead. The attendees entered in the upper floor gallery in Grand Palais and encountered an amazing scene inspired with the temple of Poseidon and Parthenon.

Well, it wasn’t something rocket science included ready to wear fall dress show. But it was set that was amazingly jaw dropping and it must require more than 50 people, who have work for 3 consecutive weeks to build this enormous and gorgeous set with 8 stone columns, each with the height of 25 feet. There was another garden with wild herbs along with huge olive tree. If we minus the dust and traffic, it was actually a Grand tour.

Chanel Cruise 2018 Runway

Karl Lagerfeld, has amazing and gorgeous designer skills but addressing the norms of 21st century consumers is gross. He has mastered the concept of latest press-centric tour shows. These were the dresses that were absolutely wearable and made perfect sense for commercial wear but they were little dull to look at the ramp. “Not so at channel”, from looks to the entire set. Each and everything was demanding so much attention. Even the emergency exits. The door was designed as ancient stone carvings. (That made me laugh) and the heels that were shaped as the huge iconic columns and what not?

Karl Lagerfeld Channels

The theme of Karl Lagerfeld show was “The Modernity of Antiquity” and the invite of the show presented a picture of marble statue of Venus that actually belonged to Coco Chanel. The interest of the designer in Greece was because he thinks that Greece is the origin of culture and beauty. And there was a brilliant freedom of crusade that has vanished now. Lagerfeld brought dresses that were normally flicked with classic touch, and light array of knitted dresses and motives in gold, orange and teal. On a lighter side, the plastic coats were worn over swim suit, leather bomber jackets in gold color and Greek dressing that will make you feel very close to your home.

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