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Kristen Stewart in a very new Look – Makeover

The twilight star is known for her major transformations and she has also been dropping our jaws since many years. From hooking up with Robert Pattinson to breaking up with the hunk to date a girl, Kristen Stewart has done it all. The Twilight girl never stopped entertain us with her new looks and transformations to date. 

Still even after doing all that, she found a way to make our mouths hang open yet again. This time it’s a hair transformation but not like the one where she cut off her hair in to a short bob. This time the New Moon star wanted an even edgier look so she opted for a complete shave!!!

Kristen Stewart New Look

Kristen Stewart new look
Image Source: REX / Shutterstock

Yes you are absolutely hearing this right. The Twilight star was seen arriving to the premiere of her new movie called the ‘Personal Shopper” with a completely new look with shaved head.  We should have been expecting this from the star as she has been cutting her hair shorter and making it more blonder each time we saw her since a few months.  She made sure she left a short buzz cut behind her in blonde color.

When the star arrived at the premiere, her new hairstyle did make people turn their heads. But her outfit was also equally perfect. She wore a black crop top with black trousers. She went for even darker make up when she chose smokey eyes for the day. All in all, she looked strong and independent when she stepped out on the red carpet on March, 7.

We do really love the hair on the star as it gives more value to her already pronounced cheeks and gives her a cheeky but edgy look. Do you agree with our opinion? Let us know.

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