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Kylie Jenner copied Kim Kardashian by wearing her signature latex dress

Kylie Jenner has a busy week as she launched her brand new Adidas Falcon trainer range. The makeup tycoon also launched new single eyeshadows in collaboration with her brand, Kylie Cosmetics. This is going to be the difficult week for our bank accounts.

As we are aware of the hustle among Jenners and Kardashian never ends. In spite of her huge week, last night Kylie was out in West Hollywood, apparently look more like her older sister Kim. Kylie copied the sister’s Kim notorious latex look around 2015 by wearing an almost indistinguishable pale pink look that exposes her leg a little more than the dress Kim wore.

kylie jenner kim kardashian-dress

Signature Latex Dress

Kylie wore a very tight pink latex dress that she might require an inhaler to help with breathing. Apart from the joke, Kylie looked unbelievable. We all are aware of the love between Kylie and Kim so it is not surprising that Kylie could copy her sister. The Kim’s signature latex dress “lewk” is one of the amazing dresses she wore in so many different styles. Why I am saying that lewk is Kim’s signature dress is because she wore the same pink color and same latex stuff in different styles several times.

Kylie paired her dress with transparent heels with straight, long and blonde hair. Her shades that she wore are in the clearance segment of TK Maxx. From a long time Kylie copying her sister that they are turning into same individuals in my mind.

Also, for those critics who still judge that the Kardashian and Jenner family have no ability, what levels of knowledge do you think it takes to bring down yourself into a sports car while wearing latex dress and those heels. Just let us know what you think about this dress when in comparison with Kim’s one.

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