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Madonna is definitely our favorite Belle and Beast!

Madonna is known for her outfits and attire. She shows up at each event dressed uniquely but some may disagree and say dressed weirdly.  She never follows the trend and she proved it again when she showed up at the Purim Party this weekend. Instead of dressing up as one of the main lead from the beauty and the beast fairy tale, the star dressed up as both the characters at the same time. Despite being in this industry for so long, Madonna is as fresh and adorable as before. That is why she is still considered as Queen of heart. 

The pop singer wore a yellow colored dress which resembled the Belle to every detail. It was the shoulder kind which she paired with white statin gloves and a white shawl. She also had on a shiny pendant to represent the beautiful Belle better. With a rose in hand, she was all done to qualify for beauty part of the beauty and the beast.

Madonna as beauty and the beast

Moreover, she had a beast mask on for the beasty side of her. It was all complementing the horrendous fur and horns. It was creepy and we loved it.
Madonna Queen
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To make the matters even better, she posted the pictures from the party on her Instagram account so we can experience her attire better. It is always good to know that our favorite Vogue singer is also as much of a fan as we are of the new remake of Beauty and the beast. Obviously, no one would have believed it was Madonna under the mask so the singer went out to post a picture without the mask as well.
Let us know how much you liked the beauty and beasty part of Madonna from the party. Are you ready to try something equally unique?

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