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How to make your Eyes look bigger than they normally are

Eyes are an essential part of human body and it is necessary that they must look appealing and charming. Some people say that the gateway to heart is through eyes. There are several ways that to enhance the eyes so that they may give more alluring appearance. It is vital to know how to make your eyes look bigger than they normally look.

How to make your eyes look bigger than they normally are

1) Curling your eyelashes

Curling your lashes can make your eyes look bigger. Apply the mascara at the roots and move up to half the length and curl again. Eyes will look naturally curled in this way.

2) Applying shimmery eye shadows

Applying shimmery eye shadows on the eyes and highlighting the inner corners of eyes will give an extra enhancement to eyes and open them up.

3) More coats of mascara

Using mascara on eyelashes gives them an extra lift and makes them look thicker. Apply mascara on each lash and apply in zigzag manner. For more volume apply 2 3 coats of it.

How to make your Eyes look bigger
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4) Shape of eyebrows

Maintaining the shape of eyebrows is very important because eyebrows frame the face. The shape of eyebrows can make your eyes look smaller or bigger. Eyebrows stencils are available in market that can be helpful in removing extra hair. A well groomed arched eyebrow can make the frame of eyes better looking.

5) Eyelashes extensions

False eyelashes can act as a ‘push up’ for eyes. You can choose those eyelashes that fit naturally with your eyes. They can provide extra volume to your eyes.

6) Wearing dark lipstick

Wearing dark lipstick without any makeup can make your eyes bigger. Only even your skin tone and yours eyes will look bigger, young and fresh.

7) Applying eye liner

Applying super tight eyeliner along the base of upper eyelashes can make your eyes more charming.

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