The Makeup Expiration Dates You Need To Know

Make up is very important in enhancing the shape of different parts of body. It provides an alluring appearance to the face and makes us look more young and fresh. Makeup can last for very long periods but have some expiration date after which is no longer beneficial and causes allergic reactions on skin and eyes.

Makeup expiration dates you need to know

1) Liquid foundation

Liquid foundations are used to make skin even and smooth. It can be used for any skin type and comes in different shades according to skin color and texture. Liquid foundation provides uniform color to the complexion and sometimes it can change the natural skin tone. It also acts as moisturizer and sunscreen. It can last for 1 year after which it can cause itching and allergy on skin.

2) Powder products

They provide matte appearance to skin. They can be very long lasting especially when applied on the top of foundation. These are the best option for oily skin and helps absorbing natural oils of the skin. They can be used on the top of cream products but they can also make skin dehydrated. Too matt powders can make your skin look dull. These products can last for 2 years.

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3) Cream products

They can easily blend into the skin and are easy to apply. It is highly pigmented so that their very small is required. They give skin hydrated feel and make it glowing. They do not last as long as powder and creases easily. Creamy products are not a good option for oily skin. They last for 1 year after which they can damage the skin and cause allergy.

4) Lipstick

Wearing lipstick can not only make your lips look beautiful but also intensify the color of your eyes and make them look bigger and alluring. Using high quality lipstick can prevent your lips from pre mature aging and sun damage. Even some lipsticks contain vitamins and moisturizers that keep your lips smooth and soft. The quality of lipstick is very important as low grade lipsticks can damage the lips and make lips dry. Good lipsticks last for maximum 2 years after which they start damaging the lips.

5) Liquid eye liner

Liquid eye liner is used for defining the shape of eyes. They can also make your eyes look bigger. Tight lining eye liner makes your eye lashes look bigger. Liquid eye liners last for 6 months after which they can cause itching of skin above the eyes and can also damage the eyes as they are the very sensitive organ of body.

6) Mascara

Mascara is the additional enhancer for making eyes and eye lashes look bigger. It darkens, thickens and defines the eye lashes. Water proof mascara is readily available in market which can stick to your eyes even when contacted with water. It should be applied from roots to tips in a zigzag manner to make them look fluffier. As water proof mascaras are drying for eyes such mascaras should be used that contain conditioners and moisturizers. A good mascara last for 3 months after which it can damage the eyes and make your lashes drop off.

7) Twist up pencils

Twist up pencils are used to high light eyes and make them look bigger and smoky. Different kinds of twist up pencils are available such as Kohl pencil eye liner; regular pencil eye liner and mechanical pencil are all used for either shaping and filling the gaps in eye brows or defining the shape of eyes. They can last for maximum 1 year after which they can damage eyes.s


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  • Hey, thanks for the post!
    As a makeup collector myself, I own a variety of products that I’m sure have already expired.
    For instance, I own a holiday eyeshadow palette that I bought about 2 years ago and still use when I want to create “festive looks”. Although I do love this palette, I have recently noticed a decrease in pigmentation and blendability. Checking expiry dates are not always on the forefront of my mind, so it is helpful to consider these general expiry dates when looking through my makeup collection.
    I will definitely have to purge this palette (and maybe a few others).

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